Uniball Style Fit Meister 5-Color Body - Sky Blue


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Mitsubishi Uni

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The Uni Style Fit takes the multi-function pen to a new level. It not only takes gel ink cartridges like the Hi-Tec-C Coleto and Pentel Sliccies, it also takes oil ink cartridges and pencil lead cartridges. So what you got is a true multi function pen that "Fit" your "Style".

The gel ink cartridges come in 0.28mm and 0.38mm point sizes, and 16 colors.

The oil ink cartridges use Jetstream ink, so you can expect the same smoothness as your favorite Jetstream. It comes in 0.7mm and 3 colors.

The pencil lead cartridge comes in 0.5mm and includes a Uni NanoDia lead.

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